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Low-priced mailing expenses
Proven and tested for 30 years
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PASCO FILL Filler Granulate 20 g bottle

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ITEM - Hazard warnings
Content: PASCO FILL Filler Granulate 20 g bottle

The chemical weld
PASCO® FILL, which is suitable as a filler in combination with PASCOFIX®, is used for filling cracks, grooves, holes, and connecting or closing cracked component joints. It is suitable for reinforcing difficult adhesive connections and many other things.

PASCO® FILL is resistant to water, UV, heat and chemicals.

Apply a 2-3 mm thick layer of PASCO® FILL and then soak well with PASCOFIX®. If necessary, secure holes with paper before applying the filler. Cracks should not be wider than 3-4 mm. Depending on the situation, you can also apply PASCOFIX® first and then drizzle on PASCO® FILL. The second variation has proven itself, especially for weld seams. Always be sure to soak the filler well with PASCOFIX®. The hardened connection can be processed mechanically, plastered or painted after approx. 2-3 minutes. PASCO® FILL is not toxic, has no adverse effect on the environment and can be disposed of with domestic waste. PASCO® FILL is not subject to marking according to the Hazardous Materials Act (GefStoffV).

PASCOFIX® as a "catalyst" for PASCO® FILL

With PASCO® FILL, the stability of such an otherwise impossible corner connection can be obtained with high strength.

PASCO® FILL in combination with PASCOFIX® is also suitable for filling holes and replacing broken off material.

The PASCO® FILL granulate can be used with all materials such as porcelain, wood, steel, non-ferrous metals, plastics, ceramic, paper, cork, etc. The hardened surface can be processed mechanically and painted.

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