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Made in Germany
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Low-priced mailing expenses
Proven and tested for 30 years
Satisfied customers
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PASCOFIX Industrial Adhesive 500 g bottle

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ITEM - Hazard warnings
Content: PASCOFIX Industrial Adhesive 500 g bottle

Wood, steel, aluminium, brass, copper, porcelain, ceramic, stone, GRP, glass, leather, rubber, PMMA, hard PVC , ABS, Luran and all commercial plastics to themselves and each other.

  • No drying-up
  • Easy to handle
  • Economical in all areas
  • Ready to use immediately
  • No mixing required for material combinations
  • Just one adhesive for all materials

Product description
PASCOFIX® industrial adhesive is a high-quality product of modern chemistry. It brings a true sensation to the field of adhesive technology.

Alpha-cyanoacrylate ester is used as the key chemical, which retains its specific properties and performance through the use of additives. The quality of the adhesive is determined by the high degree of distillation. PASCOFIX® is the result of many years of research and professional manufacturing.

This explains the almost unlimited number of possible gluing combinations. PASCOFIX® also meets the highest demands in terms of elasticity, resistance to cold and heat, and to chemicals. PASCOFIX® is absolutely water resistant.

Its outstanding properties include simple processing that requires no component mixing, quick setting even on absorbent surfaces, and very high strength.

PASCOFIX® can be used in industrial manufacturing (e.g. automotives, plastics, sporting goods, model building, photo and optics, dental technology), in various trades and workshops as well as at home to a great extent.

With PASCOFIX®, you get high-strength bonding that is suitable for wood, steel, aluminium, porcelain, PMMA, rubber, PVC, ABS, Luran and essentially all other commercial plastics and much more. They can be glued to themselves and to each other.

Not suitable for cloth, paper, polyolefins (Teflon, polyethylene and polypropylene). Please note: For gluing polyolefins (polyethylene and polypropylene) ask for our PASCO® PRIME. Environmental protection: PASCOFIX® is completely non-toxic (children's toys, dental technology) once it has set.

Application instructions
Clean materials well with PASCO® CLEAN before gluing them. Somewhat more adhesive must be applied for highly absorbent materials. We recommend that you carry out some preliminary tests with PASCOFIX®. The surfaces of the parts to be glued must be free of rust, dust and grease. If necessary, roughen surfaces first with fine sandpaper (leather). Remove traces of old glue (scrape off). The thinner the adhesive is applied (do not rub in), the better and stronger the bond. Allow the glue to dry for a few minutes. The glue will dry at different rates with different materials! The best gluing results are obtained at room temperature. Any adhesive bond is completely set after approx. 6 hours.  

We assume no liability for any damage resulting from improper handling or use of PASCOFIX® industrial adhesive, also including damages to third parties.

Guarantee and important information for the storage of PASCOFIX®
We guarantee a shelf life of 1 year for PASCOFIX® industrial adhesive on the condition that the bottle is sealed again after it has been opened. Always keep it in an upright position and in a cool, dark and dry place. Unopened containers can be kept for a longer time if they are deep-frozen. This slows down the ageing process considerably.

Opening the container
Use scissors to cut open the pipette or bottle at the base of the tip. Do not point the pipette or bottle towards your eyes when opening.

Attention: New!!! It is possible to glue polyolefins (PE and PP) in combination with PASCO® PRIME.

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