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Low-priced mailing expenses
Proven and tested for 30 years
Satisfied customers
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PASCO Micro Applicator Tip 0,5 mm

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Content: PASCO Micro Applicator Tip 0,5 mm

PASCO® MICRO Applicator tip is made of teflon for small repairs - for hobbyiests a must have. The teflon tip creates a very small drop of PASCOFIX® industrial adhesive. Ideal for model building, jewelery gluing, dental labors, gluing fingernails and small parts on electronic parts. Only for 10 g, 20 g and 50 g bottels.

Application: Put tip into existing nozzle. After use, please use a few drops of our PASCO®CLEAN cleaner to clean the tip before storing or but it in acetone for 2 hours.

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